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Captivated is a grassroots organization with a vision to cover the earth with love and hope. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to hope and it is not set apart for only a select few…hope is for everyone. Wa have a passion to encourage and cover the whole world with the power of hope. Our number one focus is through sharing and showing the greatest hope of all…Jesus. Simply put, our mission is to lead people to be truly captivated by a God who loves us, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

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Feb 2018

In preparing for a race, athletes go through extensive training. They will do everything from weight training, stretching, and of course…running. They will press towards the goal of reaching a finish line as fast as possible in hopes to win a race. As they train for countless hours, they will work hard with that “finish line” in their mind. That finish line is their focus. Ironically, in many cases they will train by running when there is no finish line. On tracks, fields, neighborhoods, treadmills, they will train over and over by......

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