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Captivated is a grassroots organization with a vision to cover the earth with love and hope. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to hope and it is not set apart for only a select few…hope is for everyone. Wa have a passion to encourage and cover the whole world with the power of hope. Our number one focus is through sharing and showing the greatest hope of all…Jesus. Simply put, our mission is to lead people to be truly captivated by a God who loves us, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

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Feb 2018

The word “broken” means to no longer be whole and to be in pieces. It also may imply that something no longer works properly. There are many things that can cause someone to be broken. Sarai was truly someone whom at a certain point was broken. She probably had many hopes and dreams, but I doubt that any would compare with her passion to be a mom. Month after month she would battle disappointment. Feeling hurt and broken. Then a promise came, and God spoke that a child was coming. Thrilled, Sarai’s......

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