“It’s a God thing.”


Don’t you just love it when God moves in a supernatural way? “It’s a God thing.” This is a saying that some have when God does something so amazing that you can’t even really explain it. When the Word of God moves in and around you in such an amazing way. Romans chapter four talks about how God used Abraham to do incredible and amazing things. Abraham could have easily gotten puffed up and arrogant but he didn’t because it was a God thing. It wasn’t an Abraham story…it was a God story.
We need to pray that God will take over our story! That He will fill your life with His living Word so your life will clearly become, a God thing. Whenever I am working I always leave my bible opened up on the desk or wherever I can put it near me. Yesterday I had someone ask me why I do that. I explained to them that I like for the Word of God to just fill the atmosphere around me. I leave it open it will fill the air and surround me and those around me. As I said to them, “I want my day to be a God thing”.
Begin today praying that your day will become “a God thing”. You may be in a place with a heavy heart. Maybe you are consumed with worry over a financial need or a broken relationship. Your heart may be heavy with the hurt of a loved one struggling with addiction. Regardless of what you are facing, pray that the Word of God will fill your life completely. Don’t focus on your circumstances, focus on Him writing God moments into your day. Before you know it your whole like will become, “a God thing.”


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