God uses broken!


The word “broken” means to no longer be whole and to be in pieces. It also may imply that something no longer works properly. There are many things that can cause someone to be broken. Sarai was truly someone whom at a certain point was broken. She probably had many hopes and dreams, but I doubt that any would compare with her passion to be a mom. Month after month she would battle disappointment. Feeling hurt and broken.

Then a promise came, and God spoke that a child was coming. Thrilled, Sarai’s heart was filled with joy. She carried this amazing promise and new hope was breathed into her life. She felt alive again and once again she had hope. Her disappointment was now excitement! With anticipation she would await the news of being pregnant, but month after month, she would find the same disappointment she had all of these years. Her new hope was shattered, and somewhere on the journey she gave up again on the dream God had for her to be a mom.

After ten years, God would remind her of the promise to bring her a child. Her brokenness and bitterness was revealed as she literally laughed at God. Been there, done that she thought, I am not buying into that one again. Of course this time God brought her dream into reality, and even gave her more than she ever could have imagined!

Just like Sarah, don’t give up on the dreams that God has given to you. If He spoke it into your heart, He will write it into your story. Stop trying to figure out “how” and simply figure out how it is you are going to trust Him. He will bring your story to completion. Trust is all that you need. Give Him your brokenness and trust in Him. If you are broken today then trust in Him. He will make the way, and He will make you whole! If He spoke it…He will do it!


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