Finish the race!


In preparing for a race, athletes go through extensive training. They will do everything from weight training, stretching, and of course…running. They will press towards the goal of reaching a finish line as fast as possible in hopes to win a race. As they train for countless hours, they will work hard with that “finish line” in their mind. That finish line is their focus. Ironically, in many cases they will train by running when there is no finish line. On tracks, fields, neighborhoods, treadmills, they will train over and over by running…yet countless times they will never cross a finish line while they are training.

In the same way, you may feel like this in your own life. You may feel like you are running without a finish line. You feel like you are not making an impact in your own life or the lives of those around you. You may feel like you are missing the mark at home, at work, or at school. You are struggling in relationships of all kinds. Sometimes you may feel like you have lost your vision and maybe even your purpose. Your days blend together. Many days you find yourself questioning what you actually accomplished at the end of that day. You are running in a hundred different directions but you never seem to cross a finish line.

I want today to be a day you are encouraged and of good cheer. Just like a track star, God may very well just have you in a season of training. He is teaching you and strengthening you. He is showing you how to hear Him, trust Him, and depend on Him. While you feel you are running around in circles with no direction, God actually has a specific plan and calling for your life. He is training you to run a race that is created just for you, and it is for a great and mighty purpose, just for you. Don’t get discouraged because you feel like you aren’t making an impact. Don’t get disappointed because you are tired. Don’t give up! Your race is coming and you will cross that finish line in victory with Him! One of the most powerful runners to ever live, Usain Bolt said, “There are better starters than me but I am a strong finisher!” Trust in Him! He who started the work in you will finish it in you too!! In Him, there is no stronger finisher than you!! You are an overcomer and you are a strong finisher. You will cross that finish line!!


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